Other Protocols in security groups

(Alexander Litvak) #1

Right now TCP, UDP,IPSEC,ICMP,ICMPV6,ALL are supported protoocls. However based on openstack experience wouldn’t it be easy enough add support for other protocols such as VRRP, IGMP, GRE, etc … All is needed is to add an ability to enter a number as protocol name and or support a dictionary matching protocol name to a number, IP tables support it out of the box.

(Juan Jose Montiel Cano) #2

We think it’s a good idea, but we think it’s better to include these protocols with their specific attributes in the code, to verify the additional parameters, than to use a map.

What protocols do you want OpenNebula to have?

We are going to study what protocols can be introduced in OpenNebula.

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