OpenNebula VM disk Max size

(Mosharaf Hossain) #1

In OpenNebula 5.6.1, I find max disk supported is 2TB. But in Sunstone I can increase the disk to any size but this change does not reflect inside the VM. Anything change in Sunstone other than 2TB not shown inside VM.
I think there may issue with max disk size.


At first glance I don’t think this is an Opennebula-specific problem. How is the disk partitioned inside the VM? If it uses MBR partitions then the max available size for the filesystem is 2TB even if the underlying disk is >2TB. If you want to use larger disk sizes you will have to use GPT partitioning.

Comparing the output of df -h and lsblk for that disk (I’m assuming this is a linux guest) will help illustrate this.

(Mosharaf Hossain) #3

Dear @daveparker, Thank you for the update. You are correct as we are using MBR which limiting the disk to 2TB. Is there anything in OpenNebula, so that I can install OpenNebula marketplace image to GPT partition?