MacVTap driver for vnm/one


Hi all,

In order to add VEPA support to my OpenNebula installation I have started to develop a MacVTap driver for OpenNebula.

However, I am encountering some problems: Contrary to what is being said in the documentation, my vnm drivers are not located in /var/lib/remotes/vnm but rather in /var/tmp/. This does not seem to be right, and the driver files (pre, post, …) are being replaced every time a new VM is being created.

Can someone enlighten me about what is happening with the vnm driver in my case?


(Anton Todorov) #2


The driver files should be placed in /var/lib/one/remotes/vnm/<drivername> on the front-end (where oned is running). Then they are transferred to /var/tmp/one/* when a hypervisor created or manually with the command onevm sync --force (must be executed as oneadmin user).

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Anton todorov

(Florian Heigl) #3

hey, did you have success with your driver?


(Florian Heigl) #4

Just noticed I misquoted here…

@MarcL did you have success with your macvtap driver?
Anything where one can help you?

I’ve looked at the options with my SolarFlare NICs and macvtap looks a lot better and easier to maintain than SR-IOV. I’d love it if both would work in OpenNebula.

(kiran Ranjane) #5

Has anyone able to add Macvlan in bridge mode to Opennebula VMs, Has anyone used Raw data to add the macvlan interface to the VM.

Kiran Ranjane

(kiran Ranjane) #6

Anyone using macvlan in opennebula?