Best driver with iSCSI shared storage


We are working on new private OpenNebula 5.8 deployment. All our compute nodes are connected to same HighSpeed storage over iSCSI. All of our VMs are using persistent images. What would be the recommended way of Datastore deployment in this case?

Thank you.

Hi, what storage system is it? The best way is to write own driver. For example, we have HPE 3PAR storage and we wrote own driver, which communicates with storage over API and for each OpenNebula image it creates volume on the storage system. So basically each VM has its own volume(s) on 3PAR. We also leverage 3PAR QoS functionality, deduplication, and compression. We also have separate stats for each volume. This deployment is abbreviated as “volume centric” and these days replaces old “LUN centric” approach.

It is an Dell/EqualLogic HW controller based storage in m1000E chassis.


Yes. 3 of those.

There is no existing driver for this. Of course, you can export one big lun to each node and use clustered FS on top of it with qcow2 images or use cLVM. Both is complicated and complex. Best way is to create driver for you storage system and automate volume creation using ssh cli.

We are able to do this, if you are interested contact us via email.

Hello @Morpheus

You can use the LVM driver in OpenNebula. This is the recommended driver for high-end SAN as your case. To configure the nodes, you can take a look at this guide. Then in OpenNebula you need to create the datastores with fs_lvm as TM_MAD. You can find more information about that here.

Finally, to have a complete view of how it works, you can check the full documentation page here.