Assign Public/External IP to VMs using Open vSwitch bridge

(Juan) #1

Hello, I’ve seen this answered many times, yet I can’t get it configured correctly.

I’ve got 5 IPs I can use, would like to assign 1 for me and the other 4 to VMs.

Of what I’ve read, I need to:

  1. Create a bridge (named it ovsbr0, done)
  2. Add my physical interface to it (enp3s0, done)
  3. Flush IPs and assign them to the bridge (done)

This all works correctly, I can even assign more IPs to the host and ping/ssh through them. (had a fun time figuring out I forgot to set back the gateway)

Ok, great, how do I add these to OpenNebula? I’ve tried:

Adding my interface as an Open vSwitch bridge and adding the IPs I want to assign, but I’ve had no success so far.

What I’m looking for is virtual network configs, if any of you could share that.

Thanks In advance

(Anton Zubkov) #2

Please read documentation -

(Juan) #3

Thanks but I’ve already read the docs, here’s more info:

EDIT: Holy crap, I did miss this part! its fixed thank you very much!

(Anton Zubkov) #4


(Juan) #5

You were very helpful, thank you so much!