VM Snapshot shown in Sunstone but it can't be deleted

I have a KVM vm which is running just fine. If I check the Opennebula’s web interface, in the snapshot list for that VM I can see one snapshot. The issue is when trying to delete it since I’m getting this message:

Tue Dec 17 16:14:55 2019 [Z0][VMM][I]: Command execution failed (exit code: 1): 'if [ -x "/var/tmp/one/vmm/kvm/snapshot_delete" ]; then /var/tmp/one/vmm/kvm/snapshot_delete one-0 snap-0 0 virt.acasa; else                              exit 42; fi'
Tue Dec 17 16:14:55 2019 [Z0][VMM][E]: snapshot_delete: Command "virsh --connect qemu:///system snapshot-delete one-0 snap-0" failed: error: Domain snapshot not found: no domain snapshot with matching name 'snap-0'

Even if I manually connect with virsh from the console, it says there are no snapshots for that VM.

How do I get rid of that snapshot shown in the web interface?

try running in CLI

onevm disk-snapshot-delete {ID_VM} {ID_DISK_WITH_SNAPSHOT} {ID_SNAPSHOT}

Not working…

onevm disk-snapshot-delete 0 0 0
[one.vm.disksnapshotdelete] Snapshot does not exist

onevm snapshot-delete 0 snap-0
snap-0 not found or duplicated