Vcenter vnc connects to wrong host

(Brady Deetz) #1

In version 5.6.1 using vonecloud 3.2.1, vnc always attempts to connect to the host that vcenter lives on instead of the host the newly created vm is instantiated on.

[root@cloud sunstone_vnc_tokens]# pwd
[root@cloud sunstone_vnc_tokens]# cat one-44

What’s odd is opennebula knows the vm live on a different hypervisor as seen in the following image:

If I move the vm to using vmotion, vnc will work, but not until then. It does not matter how long I wait, this behavior does not change. I’ve tested a delay up to 36 hours.

Is there a way to force the vnc address to update?

(Brady Deetz) #2

this is discussed in VCENTER_ESX_HOST inconsistent produces novnc 1006 error