Unable to connect to OpenNebula

Hi there

I have already restarted the vOneCloud several times without success.
It reports that OpenNebula is online, but I can’t connect to Sunstone. When restarting Faild the start every time.

Many thanks for help in advance

Hello @RimRex

Do you see any error on sunstone.log and sunstone.error?

I don’t see an error message in sunstone.log and unfortunately I don’t have a sunstone.error log.

Are you restarting Sunstone using systemctl or sunstone-server command? If you are using systemctl, what error can you see here: journalctl -u opennebula-sunstone?

When I type systemctl into the console I receive the result:

When I restart the Sunstone with the Command sunstone-server restart the control panel shows that OpenNebula/Sunstone has been started successfully, but it is still not available.

After restarting Sunstone, what is the output of the following command: ss -tanp | grep $(grep ":port" /etc/one/sunstone-server.conf | cut -d ' ' -f 2)?

I’ve got this:

Perfect, sunstone is running, if you go to localhost:9869, what do you see?

Now I can access the Sunstone interface… but only with port 9869.

Why is the start of OpenNebula always displayed as faild in the Control Panel?


Could you please send me an screenshot of what you are seeing in the control panel?

And why can I not access on the Sunstone Interface without the Port?

And why can I not access on the Sunstone Interface without the Port?

Because Sunstone is running on that port instead of port 80 or 443, if you don’t specify the port, your browser will try port 80.

As this is an specific vOneCloud question, please submit your issue in this different forum.