OpenNebula static marketplace addon


(kvaps) #1

Hi, I’ve developed new marketplace driver as alternative to official one.
I like an idea to store appliances configuration in git, so driver have pretty simple architecture:
All appliances stored as simple manifests, each one in single folder, and have three files:

  • app.conf - main appliance manifest
  • apptemplate.conf - variables applicable to images
  • vmtemplate.conf - virtual machine template (optional)

Appliances can be stored hierarchically. For generate metadata, just run ./generate script, it will prepare metadata file with all your appliances.

Example appliances: (automatically imported from

Example metadata file:

Output metadata file can be placed anywhere, eg. it can be place directly on Github, or same S3-server with images, it should be only accessible via HTTP.

OpenNebula will download this metadata and provide appliances list to user.