OpenNebula on NUCs and MiniPCs

I’ve scanned the web for every OpenNebula reference I can find. What an outstanding project!

We happen to have half-dozen or so NUC/MiniPCs lounging on the shelf and not carrying their weight.

My thought is to bring up MINIONE on one of these machines, then build out nodes on the others— two dedicated to VMs, three dedicated to DRDB/Linstore storage.

Goal: learn all we can about VM migration, data replication, and data backup/recovery.

So, Questions:

  1. Feasible?
  2. LAN interconnection OK?
  3. Possible gotchas?
    Many thanks,

we use nucs and fanless PCs to run OpenNebula.

we use it in production with great success.

nucs can have 32 gbs of ram and decent CPUs.

we mix with hosted servers from hetzner.

so we have 3 categories of hosts and we place VMs accordingly.

This is very encouraging Raphael!

Can you give me more details, or can we correspond off list?

Many thanks,