OpenNebula Compute Node Install with one NIC

(Sagnik Sasmal) #1

I was wondering it it were possible to install ON on a node with only one NIC for WAN connectivity. HA is not needed here. Also, storage(for the VMs) would be local on one host.

(Kristian Feldsam) #2

Hello, I don’t see any limitation why it is not possible. So generally, yes, it is possible. Another question is, how you want/need setup network.

(Sagnik Sasmal) #3

Hey there, thanks for the reply. I hope to accomplish something similar to this:

Since ON has a DHCP service integrated with it, I think it should be able to automatically assign IPs to VMs as well, right?

(Kristian Feldsam) #4

Hello, IP assigning is by done by Opennebula and configuration itselft in VMs is done via one-context scripts

But of course you can setup DHCP server, but you need to add static asssignments to it by generating IP/MAC pairs from Opennebula via API or if you don’t plan network config more often, just one time generating and pasting to DHCP server configuration.

In past I program simple script, which generates MAC/IP pairs for DNSMASQ as DHCP/DNS server and also generate PORT forwardings for Shorewall firewall.

If you need consultations and/or help with setup you infrastructure, feel free to contact me. I offer this services