Nic-detach crashes opennebula systemd service

(petr108m) #1

debian 10
first I tried
this version is specific for our software

but problems with network are also continued in this version

onevm nic-detach 2 1
or poweroff VM in web gui and make network to detach
small info popup window shows
=end of file reached=
and one more
=VM detachnic 11>>1=

and systemctl status opennebula
goes in stopped mode
nothing in logs

the only for now is to recreate VM from template and connect another network interface.
OS is already inside the disk

how to solve it?
may be some debug?

Qcow2 image creating failed
(knawnd) #2

@petr108m, is there any particular reason to use OpenNebula 5.6.1 release but not 5.6.2 one?

Even it seems there are no fixed issues in 5.6.2 what could cause a problem you described in that thread but I guess it’s recommended to use latest stable release.

We haven’t noticed similar problem on OpenNebula 5.4.13 on CentOS 7 with systemd-219-57.el7.x86_64.

(petr108m) #3

yes, correct, centos was also fine for us with 5.4.13
but we need it for debian and we face problem