Lizardfs datastore with Opennebula

(Mosharaf Hossain) #1


We are trying to install lizardfs as datastore with Opennebula. Does anyone have tried to integrate lizardfs with Opennebula? Please share guideline if any one have any experience.


(Lorenzo Faleschini) #2

As NodeWeaver we’ve released our storage driver for ONe.

More info on Lizard FS website

(Mosharaf Hossain) #3

Dear Lorenzo,
We have installed lizardfs TM & DM driver as guided by the LizardFS and NodeWeaver. TM Driver has been places in /var/lib/one/remotes/tm/lizardfs/ and DM driver are places in /var/lib/one/remotes/datastore/.

oned.conf file has been set as following.

TM_MAD = [
EXECUTABLE = “one_tm”,
ARGUMENTS = “-t 15 -d dummy,lvm,shared,fs_lvm,qcow2,ssh,ceph,dev,vcenter,iscsi_libvirt,lizardfs”

EXECUTABLE = “one_datastore”,
ARGUMENTS = “-t 15 -d dummy,fs,lvm,ceph,dev,iscsi_libvirt,vcenter,dfs -s shared,ssh,ceph,fs_lvm,qcow2,vcenter,dfs”

#service opennebula restart
#service opennebula-sunstone restart
#su - oneadmin -c ‘onehost sync --force’

After all these configuratin I have check the opennebula gui and trying to create new datastore as lizardfs/dfs but did not find anyting in drop down list in type.

So what will be the next step to use lizardfs with nodeweaver. Please share some more details.


(Mosharaf Hossain) #4

Hi Lorenzo,

We are till now working to integrate llizardfs with OpenNebula as backed native storage but cannot adopt. Please guide us to implement and complete the issues.


(Jamesarems) #5

Hi @mosharaflink,

Try like below image. If you did not get drivers listed , you can still add it using custom method.
Check and let me know.