Incorrect ceph datastore capacity in sunstone

Hi there,
After many searches I can’t figure out why our ONE(5.6.1) GUI is displaying different capacity from that in Ceph(13.2.5) #ceph df

Ceph is set with 2 replicas, so should it be 19TB max size (not 15.9TB) in sunstone ?

I believe this is probably related to the “Max Avail” in the “one” pool. The capacity shown will be what you can actually use in that pool, not what the Ceph cluster actually has available. To increase max avail, be sure to check that OSDs are balanced. Check out the “ceph osd reweight-by-utilization” command.

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HI Nalexandrov,

I have a query to you which is not directly related to your post but hope you can help. We are tring to integrate ceph with opennebula and already have a working ceph cluster. But when we add ceph datastore in front end it shows no size of the ceph pool and oned.log shows unable to monitor the DS with following trace.
"Command execution failed (exit code: 255): /var/lib/one/remotes/datastore/ceph/monitor PERTX0RSSVZFU… a big hash string.

Please be note that we are able to access the ceph pool using the user authentication we used in front-end and ceph DS.


What versions are your ONE and CEPH?
I’ve got these lines in datastore configuration section of /etc/one/oned.conf:
DATASTORE_LOCATION = /var/lib/one/datastores
There are the docs for One5.6:

The hash string is the command that failed to execute. I recommend you to copy the entire string starting with the file path through the end of the hash (include those end trailing numbers I think) and push enter. You will actually get the error that the command throws when you execute it.

Thanks for your suggestion. We are getting below error after running the command manually.

ERROR: monitor: Command “ceph --id libvirt --keyfile /etc/ceph/ceph.client.libvirt.keyring df detail --format xml” failed:

It appears your user is failing to authenticate.
Are you able to execute the following command from your frontend?

su oneadmin -c ‘rbd ls -p yourpoolname’

If not, please step through

Make sure your ceph keys are owned by oneadmin in /var/lib/one