How to Delete Disk Snapshot?

(surya) #1

I am created a new Disk snapshot in VM

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs): Opennebula 5.2,KVM,Centos 7

Steps to reproduce: Created disk snapshot i tried to delete, but cannot able to delete.

Current results: image

Expected results: Then what is the use of delete in disk snapshot.

(Martin) #2

-bumping this post/same problem here-

(Roman) #3

In oned.conf edit TM_MAD directive and change ALLOW_ORPHANS = NO to ALLOW_ORPHANS = YES.

Or upgrade ONe and for current VMs check paramater /VM/SNAPSHOTS/ALLOW_ORPHANS
and change it to YES.


# For example to change ALLOW_ORPHANS=YES on DISK_ID=0 of VM_ID=23
# you should repeat for each disk in the VM metadata
onedb change-body vm --id 23 '/VM/SNAPSHOTS[DISK_ID=0]/ALLOW_ORPHANS' -- "YES"

(Martin) #4

Do you know what version of Opennebula supports this ?

(Anton Todorov) #5

OpenNebula 5.4.x