How to confirm if running the latest version?

(alfiechan) #1

I just follow the official doc to upgrade the opennebula, the origin version was 5.6.0, after upgrade. when issue "onehost show " on frontend, here is the output:


but on the node machine:

yum info opennebula-node-kvm
Installed Packages
Name        : opennebula-node-kvm
Arch        : noarch
Version     : 5.6.1
Release     : 1
Size        : 485
Repo        : installed
From repo   : opennebula
Summary     : Configures an OpenNebula node providing kvm
URL         :
License     : Apache
Description : Configures an OpenNebula node providing kvm.

so I got two question:

  1. does the upgrade successfully?
  2. how to confirm each running component’s version.

(Ruben S. Montero) #2

You may need to execute onehost sync to upgrade the monitor probes in the hypervisors as well, this step in particular, could you double check?

(alfiechan) #3

thank you, It works. I got the correct version display with onehost show <node-id>.