GPFS Storage Provider

(Tbugfinder) #1

few OpenNebula installations are also running HPC environments. Does OpenNebula also integrate easily with IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) Filesystem as a provider for either images and/or application data / scratch?


(Ruben S. Montero) #2

GPFS would be supported through the shared driver, i.e. you only need to mount the volumes on the hosts.

(Tbugfinder) #3

Is it possible to use the same infiniband PCI adapter for the GPFS/rdma communication while also using PCI passthrough for it?

(Vlastimil Holer) #4

Not if you are using 1:1 assignment. You need a card+fw with SR-IOV support, then you can have a virtual function left on the hypervisor host for the GPFS, and separate VF(s) for use in virtual machines. Try Google for mellanox(??) IB SR-IOV keywords.