FOG plugin needs some work

(Florian Heigl) #1

I just noticed that the OpenNebula plugin for the fog library (Ruby Cloud abstraction layer) is apparently so undermaintained that it’s not yet been part of a plugin rebuild they’re doing. (all existing cloud connectors become standalone plugins, and need to run on ruby2+.

The OpenNebula plugin seems to not have seen help here, it refers to outdated versions of OpenNebula and Ruby. When I set it up in 2016 (Link List for Lab-ONE (Vagrant)) , it worked just fine ( , and now when I re-checked it has all gone stale and I’m not able to make it work.

IMO it’s a big problem: This is one of the few things that support OpenNebula, and also used in at least some parts Vagrant and Foreman - basically this means OpenNebula lost one of the main interfaces.

Sadly, there is too a lot of ruby stuff involved, and I can’t do anything to fix it.
Maybe someone else can. Can anyone contact the fog people and work with them to get our plugin fully integrated instead of being a stale thing that is at risk of being “forgotten”.

$ vagrant plugin list
opennebula-provider (1.1.2)
$ vagrant up
/Users/floh/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-core-1.45.0/lib/fog/core/services_mixin.rb:18:in rescue in new': opennebula has no compute service (Fog::Service::NotFound) from /Users/floh/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-core-1.45.0/lib/fog/core/services_mixin.rb:7:innew’
from /Users/floh/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-core-1.45.0/lib/fog/compute.rb:54:in new' from /Users/floh/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/opennebula-provider-1.1.2/lib/opennebula-provider/helpers/fog.rb:26:inconnect’
from /Users/floh/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/opennebula-provider-1.1.2/lib/opennebula-provider/driver.rb:21:in `connect’

Here’s the list of providers:

$ fog 2>&1 | grep -i opennebula

(The code is still there:

but the plugin isn’t even being loaded… it would be good if someone does whatever is needed to make it look like this:

$ fog 2>&1 | grep -i openstack

Basically, this needs some love before the ecosys rots away.
Would be cool if anyone can help.

(Daniel Clavijo Coca) #2

Hello, could you tell me what OpenNebula version you were running? I’m going to do some work on the fog plugin.

(Daniel Clavijo Coca) #3

You might want to give a try to this This is the plugin rework initial work you said was needed

(all existing cloud connectors become standalone plugins, and need to run on ruby2+.

It says runs in OpenNebula 4.12.x and should work on greater versions, and needs ruby 2.

(Florian Heigl) #4


I think my last test was on 5.4, it worked well in 4.x/5.x but that is logical since the changes that broke it were in FOG upstream (and vagrant).
I won’t have time to test anything at the moment.

I think even if the forked rework is working we are not “safe” until it is fully upstreamed and visible LIKE ALL OTHER MAJOR fog plugins.

(Daniel Clavijo Coca) #5

I’ll try my best effort in there to rework the plugin and push into upstream. Though I still need some ruby practice.