Error when generating login Token

(David Brierley) #1

I seem to be getting a random error when I try and generate a login token for a user, I hve tried against multiple users now and get the same issue:

[one.user.login] Cannot create a full token with a specific group token

I get this in the GUI also, I have tried the API which is where I am getting the error originally and also tried passing specific group ID’s but still no joy.

Has anyone come accross this before?


(David Brierley) #2

It seems to be an issue with my oneadmin account actually, if I try generate a token from the user itself it works fine, If I try generate a token for another user from this I get auth denied which is fine, If I add this user to oneadmin group I get the same, Cannot Create a full token with a specific group token.

Essentially I want oneadmin to be able to create tokens for users so I can auth on their behalf, run some commands then destroy the token