Debian 10 (Buster)


with the now newly released Debian 10, will there be packages of OpenNebula 5.8 for this version? I would love to upgrade my cloud.



You can build the packages by yourself. The only thing to fix for Buster is to remove libmysql+±dev from the build dependencies (just one edit in the templates/debian9-debian/control.m4 file), it’s really unnecessary.

Grab the packaging (, grab the latest source available. Copy templates/debian9-debian to templates/debian10-debian, apply the fix I’ve mentioned above, then copy to and edit file replacing Debian-9 with Debian-10 and stretch with buster. The rest of the process is quite simple, just do as the docs say. I can also recommend to grab opennebula-lxd-snap and opennebula-node-lxd from Ubuntu 18.04 packages if you willing to use LXD hypervisor.