Could not create domain from / var / lib / one /datastores/0/9/deployment.3

(amira) #1

please is there anyone who can help me, i installed opennebula, on a ubuntu server frontend 16.04 and a kvm node on ubuntu server 16.04, when i deploy a virtual machine an error occurred Error deploying virtual machine: Could not create domain from / var / lib / one /datastores/0/9/deployment.3
ps I followed the verification procedure of the cloud installation in the site opennebula, it is started without any error

(swastik) #2

Hey @amira

Could you provide the complete log of the error from the log window of your VM instance?

(amira) #3

thank you for your reply, here is my log

(swastik) #4

Your disk.1 is not getting created on instantiating the VM, as it mentions no file or folder found. I am not sure how to rectify it. Can you check if the directory/file is present in the host or not, manually?

As VM images always have to be copied into the host so you need to make sure host is accessible by the front end server using ssh. (try if you can access host from front end server using ssh).

see if reading about the file system of opennebula helps…

(amira) #5

thanks, i’m using ssh transfert mode ,there is no problem with the connection between the host and the frontend i if i understand it’s problem with the host ???

(Amit Kumar) #6

Are you able to login compute host…Using one admin I’d… without password?

(amira) #7

thanks, yes, the connection between the host and the frontend without a password

(Михаил Знак) #8

i suppose that you have problem with datastores. i mean that you should check that system datastore has rigth id. i had the same and in my case it was incorrect system datastore

(Roland) #9

another thing to check: on the master server the user “oneadmin” has user ID 9869 and group ID 9869,
does the oneadmin user on the other server also have UID 9869 and GID 9869 ?

could you paste the output of:
onedatastore list
onedatastore show 0/1/2

(amira) #10

thanks, actually it have the same UID and GID in both master and host

(Михаил Знак) #11

is it actual problem? if ,yes, you can try edit /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf and change user/group for oneadmin. after restart libvirtd

(amira) #12

thanks, here is
onedatastore list
onedatastore show 0

onedatastore show 1

onedatastore show 2

(amira) #13

it is actually

(Михаил Знак) #14

try to add your own datastores (system, files, images) and deploy your vm on it

(amira) #15

i creates the datastores

and now it stucks on prolog for one hour , on the node u
and also in sched.log, i had this

(Михаил Знак) #16

Try to create your own cluster, and make for it all 3 datastores. after this try again. mode of datastore choose shared mode