Contribution: OpenNebula backup script for QCOW2 datastores

(Kristian Feldsam) #1

Hello, I just release script for backing up QCOW2 datastores with live snapshot support.

Backup live VMs with snapshots (--quiesce --atomic)
Feature Request : VM Backup & Disk resize
(Kristian Feldsam) #2

Hi all, addon was updated with new features and fixes.

Actual version 1.2.0

Changes since first version:

  • Live snapshotting added fallback in case that FS freeze fails
  • Fix backup persistent used images if VM is not in ACTIVE state
  • new option -k --insecure for use rsync with weakest but fastest SSH encryption
  • other rsync options adjustments to improve speed
  • new option -n --netcat for use netcat instead of rsync to transfer main image (*.snap dirs still use rsync)
  • extended -i --image option to support multiple image IDs separated by comma