Configure Passwordless SSH

(Samira Ab) #1

Hello I have an error in this step “Configure Passwordless SSH” under OpenNebula 5.6 when I execute this command “ssh-keyscan <frontend> <node1> <node2> <node3> … >> /var/lib/one/.ssh/known_hosts” I have this result

. I don’t know exactly where is the problem and thank you

(Anton Todorov) #2

If you compare the quoted command and the command on the screenshot you should figure out that the redirect of the stdout stream is missing :wink:


(Anton Todorov) #4

Do you mean >>?


(Samira Ab) #5

In this step and exactly when I want to execute this command scp -rp /var/lib/one/.ssh I Have this result:

I don’t know the really password should be used .

(Samira Ab) #6

Thank you for you help