CentOS 7 Repository for non public releases (latest 5.4.4)

(Edouard (Madko)) #22

Thanks Kristian for the information. I’ve pushed the 5.4.5 rpms to my copr repo

Is there any official packages for Hotfix version?
(Kristian Feldsam) #23

5.4.9 builded

(Kristian Feldsam) #24

5.4.10 builded

(Kristian Feldsam) #25

5.4.11 builded. This version by default use 50 mysql connections.


Well, this is in fact on purpose and a new feature that boots scalability on large deployments. The increase on DB connections allows a better concurrency on oned threads when accessing the DB. You can limit this with CONNECTIONS on the DB attribute:


This new feature has been backported to one-5.4 branch.

(Kristian Feldsam) #26

5.6.2 builded. Resolved issues:

More info

(Anton Todorov) #27

Hi @feldsam

Well, almost builded - the sunstone package is missing :wink:
I’ve take a look at the src.rpm[1]. The packages README.md is not keeping the pace with the development. Unfortunately the sunstone Development doc also is lagging. So when preparing the sunstone interface you must rename dist/main.js to dist/main-dist.js after running grunt requirejs[2]. Beside that most probably you have some other issue to resolve too (without the mentioned note the sunstone package was built, but it was broken…)

[1] You should consider using git archive to extract the sources from git. I am using the following line:

git archive --prefix="opennebula-5.6.2/" -o "../opennebula-5.6.2-src.tar.gz" "release-5.6.2"

[2] There is a script to automate the rebuild of sunstone’s main.js named build.sh where you can find the actual build procedure. If you decide to use build.sh directly keep in mind that there are some flaws though.

Hope this helps :sunglasses:

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

(Kristian Feldsam) #28

Hello, thank you for advice, I fixed sunstone build process and make new 5.6+ repo available. I create new topic for it CentOS 7 Repository for non public releases 5.6+

Problem was with arch type, sunstone and some other packages are noarch now…