CentOS 7 Repository for non public releases (latest 5.4.4)

(Kristian Feldsam) #1

Hello, I just build version 5.4.2 and create repo with packages for CentOS 7

baseurl = https://opennebula.feldhost.cz/x86_64

Upgrade to latest version
(Bogdan Stoica) #2

Well thank you for that! Just a short question: are those packages safe to install? I suppose you haven’t buildt anything “strange” or “suspicious” inside them right?

(Kristian Feldsam) #3

Hello, you can trust me :). I just build following official guide. One security issue is, that repo is on plain http and not https. But official repo is also just on http. In future I make it on https and enable gpg check.

I also installed on our servers and working good.

edit: I added https using letsencrypt


Please sign the packages, and include SRPMS.
What is a “non-public” release?

(Kristian Feldsam) #6

Hello @marcindulak, when I’ll have time them I sign packages.

Regards to “non-public” release, opennebula hotfix releases are not available as builded packages for free. They are available only for users with commercial subscription as is stated here


Then it’s crucial your building process is automated and pointing to the opennebula release notes. Consider using https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/ or https://build.opensuse.org/ for this purpose.

(Kristian Feldsam) #8

Yes, I have plan to automate it by systems like you pointed. For now, I just built primarily for me and make it available for everyone :).


It is much easier to perform the build process already now on those systems than doing a self-hosting. For example on copr you can simply upload SRPMS and let copr build them, creating the repositories and sign the packages automatically.
On obs you can link to a spec file hosted somewhere (you need to create a repository hosting the spec files anyway) and link directly to the tarballs, let obs build, create the repositories and sign the packages. A refresh of the spec file or an update to the centos image used by obs triggers a rebuild of the RPMS automatically and handles the RPM release tag.

(Kristian Feldsam) #10

Opennebula doesn’t provide srpms neither prepared tar. So we have to prepare source files tar first. But all other is prepared for building here So it was pretty simple to build it and by createrepo cmd make repository. You are too much talking, I know about that systems, I just want to test build packages myself. If you think that you can do better, them do it.

(Niclas Eriksson) #11

Thanks, just upgraded and now finally Auto VLAN id works with vCenter portgroups.

(Kristian Feldsam) #12

Nice to hear that I help :slight_smile: You can like my post, thank you.

(Kristian Feldsam) #13

5.4.3 Builded


Would love to see similar for Ubuntu 16.04.

(Bogdan Stoica) #15

Builded 5.4.2 myself, it works just fine. Thanks for all the infos!

(Anton Zubkov) #16

I build 5.4.3 for Ubuntu 16.04. Download
Tested on my cluster.
On Monday I will try to make a repository.


Thanks, I’ve done this too. But it’s always better to have a permanent repository with somebody to care about :slight_smile:

(Kristian Feldsam) #18

5.4.4 builded

(Edouard (Madko)) #19

https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/madko/OpenNebula/ I’m using this in production

(Edouard (Madko)) #20

I’ve seen a 5.4.5 tag in the git. Can we use it?

(Kristian Feldsam) #21

Yes, of course you can. There are 3 issues resolved.

B #1562: sunstone-server rc handling broken (#1576)  …
B #1572: Can't instantiate VM in Cloud view (#1573)  …
B #1484: Do not nul CPU usage if cloudwatch doesn't return value

Also listed here