Backup Opennebula VMs

(Anton Zubkov) #1

Someone has a normal system for backup VM (KVM) for OpenNebula?

(Kristian Feldsam) #2

Hello UAnton,

I wrote about that here Backup live VMs with snapshots (--quiesce --atomic)

(Anton Todorov) #3

Hi Anton,

The propper backup interface in OpenNebula is filled as feature #5498 in the OpenNebula’s dev portal.

Meanwhile in addon-sorpool we are re-purposing the VM snapshot interface to be used for managing atomic StorPool snapshots as backups. It has its issues but the interface is currently available, could be used by the end users, there are snaphots limits implemented in the storage driver and the disk resize function is not locked for the snapshots of this interface :wink:

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

(Vadim Tsaplin) #4


It’s a quite dirty method, but I use it successfully. Be careful with databases and something like this.

(Anton Zubkov) #5


(Christian Ruoff) #6

Hi Guys, this is Christian from SEP. We developed a Snapshot-Backup solution for OpenNebula.
We designed it for two big customers and it works great! Feel free to ask me more about it.


(Anton Zubkov) #7

Hello! Please provide more info.

(Christian Ruoff) #8

Hy Anton. You can get some information here at
you can contact me any time at

Hope that helps :wink: